Drocer Record

About Drocer Record

Music is comfort, music is life, music can bring in revolution, music can change life. That’s why we all love it and want to listen to it over and over again. That’s where vinyl records come in.

Amidst the mass hysteria of technology, Vinyl Records have re-emerged from their dark past to announce their triumphant return. This is a story about music lovers and collectors, but it’s also about rekindling human connections, losing yourself in song, and living without boundaries.

We at Drocer Record are on a mission to bring the joy of slowing down and engaging with music through Vinyl Records in India and beyond. 
Our aim is to become your one stop-shop for everything vinyl!

Whether you are just starting out with your analouge journey or you’re a Vinyl Connesuior, we have something for everyone! With a wide range of carefully curated Vinyl Records across different genres – Rock,Metal, Pop,Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Alternative and Indie, Funk, Disco and a lot more. We curate a bunch of Hindi Records as well – Right from Bollywood, Indian Classical, Ghazals – you’ll find it all on our website! Given India is a land of multiple languages, we will curate Regional Records upon request. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then get in touch with us at info@drocerrecord.com and our team will get in touch with you in 48 hours.

We constantly try to elevate your experience of listening to music, we have carefully curated turntables to suit your preferences, budgets and range. We have partnered with few of the best brands in the market to provide you with the perfect Vinyl Record Player.

For the Audiophile in you, we have an amazing collection of speakers, amplifiers and pre phonos. We provide all the accessories you require to enjoy your records. Protect your precious possessions with inner and outer sleeves. We also have a range of brushes, record cleaning solutions, record cleaning kits, cables, cartridges, and a lot more. Anything you require to make your experience of analouge pristine, perfect, engaging and fabulous – you’ll find it all at Drocer Record.