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Welcome to the world where music meets eternity. Are you wondering how? Well, that’s through our premium vintage collection of vinyl records. Drocer Record aims to revive the golden era dating back to the ages with our premium collection of vinyl records. Our meticulously crafted vinyl records collection is a glimpse to discover the magic of every timeless era. What used to be a common sight to see, vinyl discs have now been fading with time. But with the elapse of time, the music aficionados must have realized that vinyl lps are not just audio but a passion. And to preserve that true passion for music,  Drocer Record has brought to you the nostalgic comfort of album records.

Our Collection: Be it The Beatles or Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan or Stevie Wonder, Kishore Kumar or Rafi Sahab, our collection of vinyl albums is a home to evergreen classics. Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Geeta Dutt, Santana, Miles Davis, Hindi Movies, Bob Marley, Arctic Monkeys, and an endless list. You name it and we already have them in good stock. We even own hard-to-find or out-of-print titles. Moreover, the vinyl collection we own also has genres of every taste like contemporary music, jazz records, rock, folk songs, and more which have been an integral part of music culture for decades. 

Why Choose Drocer Record? 

  1. Passion for Music: The first and foremost reason for choosing to buy types of vinyl online is that we share the same love for music as you. At Drocer Record, we are not just sellers but also passionate and ardent music lovers which makes us your best ally to buy vinyls. 
  2. Expert’s Choice: We won’t disagree if you say that our collection is hard to resist. The fact is it is! Our team of experts handpicks the best collection, and records at our online record shop. From getting a masterpiece to the best classics, we ensure to get you the best.
  3. Collector’s Appeal: Drocer Record is best known to satiate the hunger in you for aesthetic music appeal. We have a record valuable enough to collect which can be an elusive addition to your collection.
  4. Value for Money: Did you just think of us charging you extra for the premium collectibles we share? No such case. At Drocer Record, we provide you with vinyls that are worth every penny you pay. We offer fair pricing so that you can follow your passion without breaking the bank.
  5. Stay Updated: We, as your music partner, pop in your notification as soon as we get something new on board. New arrivals are notified to you through your contact preferences so that you don’t miss out the best.

So doesn’t that make us one of the best vinyl sellers in India? What are you thinking of? Just jump into our collection and know what Drocer Record has to offer you and traverse through the journey of nostalgia. If this doesn’t excite you, we wonder what will! 

Join us now on the Musical Journey 

So what are you waiting for? Skim through our collection and explore the journey of nostalgic songs and classics. Expand your collection of vinyl records by grabbing your favorites. Whether you are an enthusiast looking forward to starting the collection from scratch or completing the collection by adding one, we are your one-stop solution to play the rhythm of your music adventure forever.